Different Vape Coils For Different Flavors

vape coils

Finding your favorite vape coil is going to take a lot of time and a lot of research on your end to make sure you find one that matches the flavor you’re looking for. Here are some of those select few that everyone can agree is a high quality coil.

Tidal Wire

More commonly referred to as the Tidal Wire, it seems as if the vaping community considers this to be a staple when it comes to different RDAs. The list of features seems quite impressive as well, coming with a 32 gauge Kanthal A1. The wire strand is only .8mm ribbon. First, that 32 gauge is twisted and contorted together and then you’ll see that the wire is reverse twisted over top of the Kanthal.

Clapton Coil

This is one of those coils that you’ll love the moment you install it. Simplistic and has a really nice look to it as well. It’s not a mess or bulky like some other coils. This coil is again a Kanthal but a 32 gauge and this 32 gauge is wrapped around just one single strand of the 28 gauge Kanthal. So what advantage does the Clapton coil have others? There are some channels setup in this coil that allow the preservation and delivery of incredible flavor.

Flat Bastard Coil

This coil comes with two strands of the 32 gauge Kanthal concocted together via twists and features a .5mm ribbon wire that’s wrapped around the other 32 gauge Kanthal. The only real advantage to this one is probably the wiring just like the Tidal wire. The Flat Bastard does have some incredible taste and does well in production value but this coil doesn’t relatively heat very well on its own.

Tiger Coil

Compared to the other coils so far, this one is far easier to build out and it’s far easier to twist as well. This is a RDA coil that was made for beginners and comes at a pretty high quality. For this build, much like the other builds, you’re going to need a single strand of .8mm ribbon wire and you’re going to need a single strand of the 30 gauge Kanthal.

You’ll also need basic tools like a drill bit, a screwdriver, etc. You don’t want to come unprepared without those, or you’re not going to be building very much. The trick to this one is, you want to first insert both of those strands into your drill bit (provided you have an adequate drill bit in your possession). The goal here is to make sure that the 30 gauge Kanthal is bisection the ribbon wire or else, this isn’t going to work.

It’s important to note and make sure that when you’re twisting the ribbon wire together, you want that wire to fold over the Kanthal and to guide it in a way that it’s using some heat to cut down on ramp up.  It’s a very good coil and the flavor is phenomenal but it’ll all come down to a personal choice in the end.

Benefits Of Using A Vaporizer

Are you considering the idea of using a vaporizer? Well, vaporizers come with very many benefits when compared to traditional cigarettes. Here are some of the benefits of using a vaporizer.

arizer v tower large vaporizerConsiderably fewer chemicals

Normal cigarettes have more than 600 different chemicals that make them very harmful to your body. Tar, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia are some of the dangerous chemicals you will inhale when you smoke. Although vaping is not completely chemical free but it exposes you to lesser quantities.

Less costly

Anyone who has been smoking understands how costly it can be. Vaporizing is less expensive when compared to tobacco cigarettes. You can get a starter kit with as low as $ 30 and then acquire 5 e-liquids for $ 6 or even less. Using a saving calculator, you can easily see how much money you are going to save at the end of the day.

Cleaner teeth and fresh breath

Vaping leaves you with cleaner teeth as well as fresh breath as opposed to conventional cigarettes on the market. Electronic cigarettes contain fewer chemicals making the safer for your dental health than normal cigarettes.

No second-hand smoke

One of the worst mistakes made by many smokers is creating smoke for their friends and family members. Vaping does not expose them to such chemicals making them better than conventional cigars.

You can select from a wide range of flavors

Vaping allows you to enjoy different flavors including chocolate, sweet candy, mango, peanut, butter, peach and strawberry among others.

More environmental friendly

Vape pens do not emit any smoke like the traditional cigars. In addition, they do not contain tar, carbon monoxide among other dangerous chemicals that make them dangerous for the environment.
Allows you to choose your nicotine amount With vaping, you can select the level of nicotine you want to consume. Electronic liquids nicotine levels start from 0 mg/ml. This makes it easy to choose one that suits your smoking needs.

With vaping, you can select the level of nicotine you want to consume. Electronic liquids nicotine levels start from 0 mg/ml. This makes it easy to choose one that suits your smoking needs.